Info About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Kyle Reeves. I began hiking back in 2008 when me and my late friend Jonathan Bryant would hike the trails at Joe Wheeler State Park. Prior to his passing we had planned on going the Walls of Jericho trail in Northeast Alabama. Unfortunately he passed away before we had the opportunity. So, with another friend, I took the trip over to the walls and hiked it. After a long, physical 7 mile hike I was hooked. This is when I began my hobby of hiking and have loved it ever since. It is a wonderful experience getting to see the best of what the great state of Alabama has to offer.

In December of 2014, after graduating from Athens State University in Computer Information Systems, I decided to put my degree to use to benefit others who are interested in hiking the trails of North Alabama. One day back in January 2015, I was hiking the newly developed trail in Salem, Alabama when it hit me that I should create a website to share information to all those who would like info on our local hiking trails. I'm always getting asked questions about my hikes, where the trails are, things like that. So as I was on this trail I began brainstorming this project.Now, Keep in mind that I am no expert in web pages and as a matter of fact I never took a web development course, I just decided to take what bit of knowledge I gained from school projects and such and apply them in order to help out those who are in need of information on our local hiking trails. So that's why I embarked on this journey of creating a website. I hope that each of you find this site informative and helpful as you research each trail, and I also hope you get enjoyment out this website by viewing the photos and reading about my general experiences. I hope to see you all on the trail!!