Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions I am typically asked from other folks:

What is the best trail?

There is no "best trail". All of them are pretty good in their own way. It also depends on what you want to experience. If you are looking for a gruelling, tough, physically demanding experience then the Walls of Jericho would be right up your alley. If it's a certain type of scenery that you are looking for than go with a trail that offers that.

Where do you buy your gear?

Different places. Sometimes WalMart. I have bought some stuff from Alabama Outdoors and Dicks Sporting Goods has a large selection of hiking stuff.

What trails can I bring my kids to?

I get this one quite a bit... The best trails for kids are ones that have easy terrain, with nice scenery. Joe Wheeler State Park is one of the best for kids because there are many other things at the park for kids to do as well. Plus, the trails are easy and they will probably get to see a lot of deer and squirrel and great views of the river. Cane Creek is also a good one for people with kids because it's a short hike to the water fall and the point over look. Some of the TVA trails and Shoals Creek Preserve are also good for folks with kids. Trails to avoid: walls of jericho, waterline trail(Monte Sano Land Trust), and any kind of trail with rocky, slippery, dangerous terrain.

How did you find all these places?

Word of mouth from others who have hiked them, from searching on Google for hiking trails, and some of them have been mentioned in news paper articles.

How do I physically prepare for a long hike?

I've been asked this by folks who are going on some long hikes and have not hiked before. I'm by no means in great shape. My suggestion to them is to start several weeks ahead of time going to a place like Joe Wheeler trails because they are easy to hike but have some tough hills that will help get you prepared for more difficult trails.

How often do you hike?

Depends. During the summer I go quite a bit. Sometimes every weekend. During the winter I don't go as much. If there is a warm day that comes about I will try and go somewhere.

What time of year do you hike the most?

Normally I hike the most in the summer. Mainly because I have more daylight hours to go. But I enjoy fall hikes the most because of the scenery the fall season offers. But during seasons with the extended daytime hours is when I do the most.