• Type:
  • Out and Back

  • Difficulty:
  • Medium

  • Scenery Ranking:
  • 5/5

  • Accessibility:
  • Easily Accessible

  • Trail Maintenance:
  • Not Maintained

  • Facilities:
  • Picnic Area

Pisgah Gorge


The Pisgah Gorge is one of the most scenic spots in Northeast Alabama, and also one of it's best kept secrets. This less than two mile round trip will take you to two scenic waterfalls as you hike the rim of the gorge.

Trail Head:

The trail head is located at the back of the park. You will most likely have to park outside the gate just off the main road. If those spots are filled you can park at the ball field next to it and walk over. After you walk through the gate (which is a usually closed most of the time from what I hear) you will continue near an old baseball field. From here the gravel road splits. Either direction will take you to the back of the park where you can access the trail.


I rated it a medium just due to some rocky spots. Most of it is easy.

Hiking the Trail:

After you've found the amphitheatre overlook you will notice the trail. After viewing the first waterfall at the amphitheatre you can head west and start hiking towards the second waterfall and third overlook. After hiking for just under a tenth of a mile you will cross a footbridge. Continue forward. After about 30 yards you will come to a fork in the trail. Take a left here. This will take you to the second waterfall and overlook. After stopping here you will continue to the third overlook which is a scenic view overlooking the gorge. I don't suggest going any further after this point due to the possibility of going onto private property. After viewing the third overlook just go back the same way. You can also hike to the top of the first waterfall (at the first overlook) by hiking the other direction. I will post GPS coordinates of the parking area, first overlook, second overlook, and third overlook below:

GPS Coordinates:
N 34°40.507' W 085°51.517'

1st overlook and trail head:
N 34°40.347' W 085°51.400'

2nd overlook:
N 34°40.275' W 085°51.563'

3rd overlook:
N 34°40.215' W 085°51.673'


You will get great views of two waterfalls and scenic views looking down into the gorge.

Trail Maintenance:

The trail is in decent shape but it isn't maintained on a consistent basis.


The park has a picnic pavilion, but I didn't see any restrooms.