• Type:
  • Out and Back

  • Difficulty:
  • Medium

  • Scenery Ranking:
  • 4/5

  • Accessibility:
  • Easily Accessible

  • Trail Maintenance:
  • Well Maintained

  • Facilities:
  • None

Stillhouse Hollow Falls Trail


Stillhouse Hollow Falls Trail is located on a 90 acre tract of land owned by the state of Tennessee between the towns of Summertown and Mt.Pleasant Tennessee. On this site is a beautiful 75 foot waterfall. The trail system offers a little over 2 miles of hiking, however the hike to Stillhouse Hollow Falls is only 2/3 of a mile.

Trail Head:

The trail head is located just off Highway 43 a few miles northeast of Summertown,Tn.

To access the trail head: You can't miss it, it is very near the parking area.


I only rated this "medium" due to the hills. If you hike all of the trails you will encounter some pretty steep hills here.

Hiking the Trail:

From the trail head you will walk about 0.2 miles or so before reaching a creek. The creek has a wooden bridge. When you cross over the bridge you will see where the trail splits. If you want to take the shortest distance to the waterfall then go right. You will see a wooden walkway. After a few tenths of a mile you will reach the top of Stillhouse Hollow Falls. From here you can step onto to the top of the fall but BE CAREFUL!!. After viewing the falls from the top you can then proceed down the path and make your way to the bottom. After a short distance you will see a second wooden bridge that crosses the creek. Walk across the bridge and then hang a right. This will take you to the bottom of Stillhouse Hollow Falls. After viewing the waterfall for a while I suggest completing the rest of the hiking trails. After crossing back over the wooden bridge you will make your way back towards the falls. From there I suggest taking the trail on the right. This will loop back around to the first wooden bridge you crossed at the beginning of the hike. From there you can head back to the parking area. In total you should get in around 2.0 - 2.2 miles of hiking.


The Stillhouse Hollow Trails offer scenic views of woodland, creeks, and a 75 foot waterfall to top it off. During the winter you may be able to view a valley from the Elk Ridge Trail.

Trail Maintenance:

The trail is well maintained, however the trails are not labelled well. They do use white paint to mark the trails however.


There are no facilities located on the site. So if you need anything there are some gas stations nearby. The town of Mt. Pleasant,Tn is only a few miles up the road as well.