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A new addition to the NAH website is the organizations page. This page will list different organizations that support our local hiking trails, such as the Alabama State Park system and The Land Trust of North Alabama. I will be including links to these organizations pages so you may go find out more information about them. It's good to remember that these hiking trails require a lot of time and effort to build and maintain, and that these organizations are instrumental in building and maintaining the trails we enjoy. So it's nice to put these organizations in the spotlight.

National Park Planner Website
A new addition to the website on NAH is a link to the National Park Planner Website. This website is great if you are planning a hike or trip to any national park. The man who created this site has visited over 54 national parks and hiked several hundred miles worth of their hiking trails. Covered on this site is the Russell Cave National Monument located in the Northeastern Alabama town of Bridgeport, the Little River Canyon located in Fort Payne, Alabama, as well as other parks/monuments. The link to visit his page is http://npplan.com/parks-by-state/alabama/ . It is loaded with information. Two of the locations he covers are also covered here on the NAH site: Russell Cave National Monument Trails and The Little River Canyon National Preserve . His site covers additional information such as canoeing/kayaking, biking trails, camping information and more for each national park and monument. He was also kind enough to include a link to the North Alabama Hiking website on his page as well. So, thanks to the National Park Planner site for adding the NAH site and I hope you will visit his!
Environmental Education Association of Alabama
The EEAA's goal is to improve the ability of others to learn more about our natural resources and geography here in the state of Alabama. For more information please go to their website : http://eeaa.us/. You can also check them out on facebook by clicking here: EEAA Facebook Page
Discovering Alabama
Discovering Alabama is an educational tv show hosted by Dr. Doug Phillips about the natural resources of our state. Dr Doug Phillips is a professor at the University of Alabama. It comes on APT on Sundays at noon. Several locations listed here on the site are also covered on this show. For more information you may visit www.discoveringalabama.org. You can visit the Hiking Organizations Page for more information and links as well.
Alabama State Parks
The Alabama State Park system is home to several hiking trails. There are currently 21 state parks in Alabama and most of them offer hiking trails. Below is a link to the Alabama State Parks website:
Land Trust of North Alabama
Another organization that has helped add and maintain hiking trails is the Land Trust of North Alabama. The Land Trust of North Alabama has been a part of north Alabama since 1999. The Land Trust has enabled us to enjoy over 50 miles of hiking trails, with more to come in the future. Below is a link to the Land Trust of North Alabama's website
Forever Wild
The Forever Wild Land Trust allows you to enjoy the natural lands that Alabama has to offer. Hiking, biking, horse back riding, hunting and other outdoor activities are available on Forever Wild land. Click the links below for more information and to view the Forever Wild Interactive Map:
http://conservationgis.alabama.gov/fwlt/(Interactive Map).

Outdoor Alabama
Outdoor Alabama offers a lot of information on several outdoor activities you can do here in Alabama. A lot of hiking trail information is available on their website. Below is a link to the Outdoor Alabama site.
Wild South
Wild South has been instrumental in protecting and preserving our natural lands here in the southeast. Wild South is based in Moulton, Alabama and does a great job working in the Sipsey Wilderness and Bankhead National Forest. For more information go to their website