• Type:
  • Out and Back

  • Difficulty:
  • Easy

  • Scenery Ranking:
  • 4/5

  • Accessibility:
  • Easily Accessible

  • Trail Maintenance:
  • Well Maintained

  • Facilities:
  • Kiosk


The 122 acre Green Mountain Preserve was donated to the Land Trust of North Alabama by Robert and Susan Kuehlthau. The preserve takes you along a scenic two mile round trip hike to the Alum Hollow cave rock shelter and some seasonal waterfalls.

Trail Head:

The trail head is located on South Shawdee Road in Huntsville, less than 1/2 mile from the Madison Nature Trail

To access the trail head: You can't miss it, it's near the parking area.


The trail is pretty easy to hike.

Hiking the Trail:

Starting from the trail head you will follow the Alum Hollow trail. This is the trail that will take you directly to the waterfall and rock shelf. The trail is marked well. There are a few other trails that will loop you around to the other side of the preserve, however I suggest hiking the Alum Hollow trail first and then you can add the others to your hike on the way back. To follow the Alum Hollow trail just watch for the red ribbons along the trees, the other trails will be marked with different color ribbons. It's a pretty straight forward out and back hike. It should be about a two mile round trip, which makes for a good short hike with a lot of scenery.


Along your hike to Alum Cave you will get great views looking out from atop Green Mountain. You will also see seasonal waterfalls and the rock shelf cave at the end of the trail

Trail Maintenance:

The trails are well maintained


There are no restrooms there, however there is a cool informational Kiosk in the parking area. It is located very near the Madison Nature Trail . For more information you can also visit the Land Trust of North Alabama website www.landtrustnal.org