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This website is for anyone interested in hiking some of the great trails that North Alabama and Southern Tennessee has to offer! Alabama hiking trails offer hikers a lot of diversity. Within a 50 mile radius of Lauderdale County you have hiking trails that take you along side the beautiful Tennessee River, alongside creeks and branches, and in some areas you can hike in the mountains and get breath taking views. I encourage you all to take some time and visit these trails and experience what Alabama has to offer.

On this website you will find information on the trails I have hiked so far. I will be adding more trails later when I am able to get a chance to visit them. I have brief descriptions on how I hiked each of the trails along with photos and other basic information. You will also find directions to each trail on the "directions to trail" link. This link has embedded google map locations of that specific trail head.

I hope you will get a chance to visit some of the trails listed here on the site, or some of the other hiking trails in Alabama. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy viewing the photos here on the site as well.


New Contact Info on the Contact Me Page

Hello everyone, I have updated my contact info on the contact me page since it appears the page was not working correctly. So what I have done is just add my new email: northalabamahiking@gmail.com on the page and you can just send me an email that way. Thanks!

Bankhead - Coal Mine Branch Falls>

2/15/20. Today I hiked to Coal Mine Branch Falls in Bankhead National Forest for the first time. I will provide info, pics, and gps coordinates on the the Bankhead page. Click here Bankhead/Sipsey Page .

Joe Wheeler State Park New Trails Update

2-16-20. Update on the new trails: there have been new foot bridges built along the new hiking/mountain biking trail and the frame work has been put in place for the other bridges. I will update everyone asap.

Machine Falls - Short Springs State Natural Area- Tullahoma, TN

7/27/19. I visited Machine Falls located in the Short Springs State Natural Area in Tullahoma, TN. It's a great waterfall. For more info click here: Machine Falls Page

Contact Me Page is HAS BEEN FIXED!!!!

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but I have not been able to receive emails from the Contact Me page for the last few months. I now have it fixed and will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

Pisgah Gorge

The Pisgah Gorge in Northeast Alabama is one of the most scenic spots in that part of the state. Two scenic waterfalls and scenic overlooks in a less than two mile round trip hike make it worth the trip. For more click here: Pisgah Gorge Page.

Johnsonville State Historic Park, New Johnsonville, TN

In late spring I visited Johnsonville State Historic Park in New Johnsonville, Tennessee. Johnsonville State Park is located along the shores of the Tennessee River and is the location of a small Civil War battle. If you are a history buff you will love this hike. Click here for more info: Johnsonville State Historic Park Page

Laurel Falls, Gatlinburg, TN

I recently visited Gatlinburg, Tennessee and had the chance to hike to Laurel Falls in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. I have finally added the page for it. For more info click here: Laural Falls Page

Joe Wheeler State Park New Trails

Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville, Alabama has announced they will be adding eight miles of hiking/biking trails. The new trails will take around 3 to 6 months to complete. The new trails will start around the First Creek boat ramp and loop around to the marina.

Bankhead/Sipsey Shangri La Falls GPS

1/5/2019. I located Shangri La Falls and added the GPS coordinates for it. For more info click here: Bankhead/Sipsey Page .

Bankhead/Sipsey Eagle Creek and Deer Skull Falls GPS

1/1/2019. For my first hike of 2019 I went down to Bankhead National Forest/Sipsey Wilderness and located Eagle Creek Falls and Deer Skull Falls. I added the GPS coordinates of each. For info on that click here: Bankhead/Sipsey Page.

Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

12/26/2018. I visited the Turkey Creek Nature Preserve in Pinson, Alabama. Pinson is located less than 20 miles north of Birmingham. Turkey Creek Nature Preserve is on a 462 acre tract of land with about 6 miles of hiking trails. It's very scenic and worth the trip. For more info click here: Turkey Creek Nature Preserve Page

Blevins Gap Update

12/16/2018. Beginning in January 2019 the trail head on Cecil Ashburn DR will no longer be accessible due to road construction. For more info visit the Blevins Gap page on the Landtrust of North Alabama's website by clicking here: Landtrust-Blevins Gap Page.

Top 5 Winter Hikes

11/22/18. Since winter is getting closer I thought I'd compile a list of the top 5 winter hikes in the North Alabama, Southern Tennessee area.

#1. Bankhead National Forest/Sipsey Wilderness.

The Bankhead National Forest/Sipsey Wilderness area is located in Lawrence and Winston counties of Alabama. I'm listing Bankhead National Forest/Sipsey Wilderness for two reasons. The main reason is all of the waterfalls. The winter time is one of the best seasons for waterfalls. The Bankhead/Sipsey area is homes to several of them and this is the perfect time to visit them. Another reason is because you hike down in the hollows in this area and keep out of the the wind. For more information and GPS coordinates of the waterfalls in the Bankhead/Sipsey area click here: Bankhead National Forest/Sipsey Wilderness Page

#2 Joe Wheeler State Park

Joe Wheeler State Park, located in Rogersville, Alabama, is a great place to hike in the winter. One of the main reasons is the high deer population. Although you can usually see deer year around here, the winter time is usually even better. Also, with the leaves cleared off of the trees you will get better views of Wheeler Lake. Winter time at JWSP is also a great time to visit if you're a bird watcher. For more information click here: Joe Wheeler State Park Page.

#3 Cane Creek Nature Preserve

Cane Creek Nature Preserve is located in Tuscumbia, Alabama and offers a similar experience that the Bankhead National Forest/Sipsey Wilderness area offers, only it's a little easier and safer. CCNP is privately owned by Jim and Fay Lacefield, but is open to the public. There are several small waterfalls on the preserve and the winter season is when they are at their best. The trails are well marked and even have out houses along the way for your convenience. For more information click here: Cane Creek Nature Preserve Page .

#4 The Walls of Jericho

The Walls of Jericho is located in the Northeast corner of Alabama in Jackson County. The walls is a great place to visit in the winter. Water flow will be at it's best this time of year. Another good reason to do this hike in the winter is because it's a strenuous seven mile round trip hike. The hike back to the top is 3.5 miles up hill. The cooler temperatures will make it easier. You will need an early start due to lack of daylight hours. For more information click here: Walls of Jericho Page

#5 Stillhouse Hollow Falls

Stillhouse Hollow Falls is located in Summertown, Tennessee. It's a nice short hike to a fairly large waterfall. Winter is a good time to visit here due to better water flow. Another reason it's a good hike to do during the winter is because it does not take long to get to it. It's only about a one mile round trip hike if you just hike to the falls. You can hike along the ridge if you want to and with the leaves being off of the trees you'll get a better view. For more information click here: Stillhouse Hollow Falls Page.

Mousetail Landing State Park/Lady's Bluff TVA Trail

6/16/18. I visited Mousetail Landing State Park and the TVA"s Ladys' Bluff trail in Linden, Tennessee. MLSP is a nice park especially for day use. The Lady's Bluff trail is a great short hike that will take you up onto a scenic bluff overlooking the Tennessee River. For more click here: Mousetail Landing State Park page.

Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park

6/9/18. I visited the Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park in Manchester, Tennessee. It's a scenic hike with a few nice waterfalls. It is also an educational hike that will teach you about the Native Americans who inhabited that area many years ago. For more information click here:Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park Page

Chapman Mountain Nature Preserve

The Land Trust of North Alabama has officially opened the Chapman Mountain Nature Preserve in Huntsville, Alabama. The preserve currently has about three miles of hiking trails. More trails will be added to Chapman Mountain in the future. Chapman Mountain Preserve Page.

Bankhead National Forest/Sipsey Wilderness GPS Coordinates

3/4/18. Updated. I returned to Sipsey and added some GPS coordinates for Wolfpen Falls, Holmes Chapel Falls, Parker Falls, Mize Mill Falls, Turkeyfoot Falls, Caney Creek Falls, and Kinlock Falls onto the Bankhead/Sipsey page. To see the added GPS coordinates click here: Bankhead/Sipsey Page.

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